Let's be truly MERDEKA

A Brief History of ISA

Internal Security act is a foolish act ever. It was established by the British in Malaya since 1948 primarily to combat Malayan Communist party during the Malayan Emergency. The Emergency Ended in 1960 but the "preventive detention" was not relinquished and thus it became Malaysian law under article 149. The decision to detain people without charge is fully up to the Home Minister up to 2 years maximum.

Anyone could be detained by Home Minister if they acted in security of Malaysia, maintenance of essential services and also economic life. However, what is happening right now is the government detained people to secure their politics, maintain the ruling government, to songlap more greens and thus they never let anyone questions about their wrong doings.

Obviously, the purpose of ISA was to fights against communist in Malaysia. Our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Hussein and the first Internal Security Minister have said that the act is to combat communist activity and not to detain people based on their political background, opposition leaders, or even democratic citizen activity. But today, There's no more communist movements in Malaysia. We have signed "Perjanjian Damai 1989" in Haadyai Thailand with the communist. So here, is there any treats to the country or treats to the ruling party? which one?

Apparently, ISA has been used to detain people who criticise the government and the act is absolutely against HUMAN RIGHTS!. How could you detain people without trial? The minister owns the power to detain anyone he wished to. If you ask children whether detaining people without charge is right or wrong, can be done or not, obviously they will say are you crazy. It's because kids used their logical sense.

What is more, University Students are not allowed to commit their thoughts or they will be arrested under the "University Act 1971". The act was introduced just because the government wanted to see all the coming generation will just blindly follow whatever the government does. Hence, when the new politicians are stupid, they wont face any problems arguing in the Parlimen later on.

We as young Malaysians wished to have the freedom of speech. Unquestionably we should abolish the current government in the next election. This is the time for the young people to live peacefully and have 'MERDEKA' thoughts. Without this, what is the meaning of Merdeka that we shouted every year on the 31 August. Let's be truly 'MERDEKA'.


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