The inefficiency of KTMB

Yesterday was the day I went back to Cyberjaya from home. I supposed to take train from Ipoh to KL but I missed the train. It wasn't my fault of being late, but because there was a cycling event, so the organizer blocked the road to Train Station and there was no way you can get there by car. So after several times I tried to find way to get there, I finally parked the car near kopitiam and walked to Train station. By the time I arrived, The train was already left and so many people missed the train. I went to the ticketing counter and ask for refund. They said, that's not our problem our Train didn't come late and on time. He asked me to come earlier 1 hour next time. WTF hey come on you think I'm going to check-in at the airport ker. Then I told my dad and my dad asked the policeman to call the manager and after 10 minutes waited there, the manager didn't come out and my dad went to his office and he softly shouted at the manager " wah bagusnya hang duduk senang-senang kat sini orang lain kat luar sana dok ada masalah hang dok dalam bilik senyap-senyap, mai kluar".

The manager said the same thing, he doesn't know what's happening outside there. " I shouted at him " how come you don't know, you are the manager here. You should go out and look what is going on and try to solve the problem how your customers can get here, there's no point you are here. ( I talked in Malay) and he replied, no one tell him about this event. Hey stupid, so how your customers can get here! He still refuse to return money or give another ticket for next week. I know this is not KTMB problem but you have to be responsible on what's going on and try to solve customers' problems. Play your role as a manager. You got the power. I was very angry and I took ticket and crumpled it and slammed on his face and he looked at me angrily. I left the train station and went to Bus station. At last I went back by bus to KL.

If this problem happened in Australia and other modern countries, They will refund the money double. The ticket only cost rm12, its not a big deal with that price but the most important thing is our rights. Fight for out rights.


Congratulations to Najib Razak

Congratulations to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak. All the Malaysian put a hope on you. Be a good leader. WE don't want to see what's coming out from your mouth. ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS! I hope you can unite Malays, Chinese and Indians as 1 Malaysia! I hope the concept 1Malaysia will shapes all the Malaysians.

Lead us to better life!